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“Eskom” Loadshedding Pack


Receive our special Eskom Loadshedding Pack with the purchase of any unit at Dulcian Manor. Our loadshedding pack is designed to help you save energy while providing convenience and comfort during load-shedding periods. With this pack, you will be prepared for any load-shedding event, enabling you to go about your day with minimal disruption.

Don't wait - choose Dulcian Manor!

200W Portable Power Station Pack

*Can charge/power any device/s that uses less than 200 W combined


Smart Bulbs

Loadshedding Rechargeable LED Light Bulbs 9w

Switch on the lights during load shedding power outages​

Screenshot 2023-03-17 072642.jpg

Rechargeable, Portable LED Lights

Be prepared in any household emergency with Rechargeable LED Solar light​. 


Single Burner Portable Gas Stove

A great way to make that cup of coffee or even cook food during load-shedding

GAS (1).jpg
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